Aerials and Satellites


  • Supply and install aerials


Did you know with a UHF aerial:

  • You can view some programmes in high definition
  • You will receive new channels as they are added to the Freeview network
  • A modern TV with built in Freeview only works with a UHF aerial and not a satellite dish
  • You can connect multiple TVs and Freeview boxes

Whilst UHF is not available in all areas, if you can receive a UHF signal, this is the recommended choice to receive Freeview in your home or office.

Did you know with a Satellite dish:

  • Supplied and installed by electrical Solutions, rain fade or signal loss due to atmospheric conditions can be minimised and in some cases totally eliminated
  • Freeview is only transmitted in standard definition
  • You can connect multiple Freeview or Sky boxes
  • You can receive Freeview from anywhere in New Zealand

Electrical Solutions strive to give you an aerial solution that will give trouble free reception for many years to come. There are a large number of antennas and satellite dishes in the market, we can ensure you get good quality antennas and satellite dishes suitable for your location.

UHF aerial – BEFORE

UHF aerial – BEFORE

UHF aerial – AFTER

UHF aerial – AFTER

Existing satellite dish and new UHF aerial

Existing satellite dish and new UHF aerial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Sky on more than one TV from the same Sky box?

Yes. However the same channel will show on each TV. To be able to watch Sky on one TV and watch Freeview on another you will need either a Freeview box or a UHF aerial.

Can I utilise my existing UHF aerial?

In some cases yes. However some older UHF aerials are not compatible with the new digital signal and may need upgrading.

Can the existing cable and outlets be used for digital TV?

In some cases yes. However some older cable, outlets and other aerial components are not compatible with the new digital signal and may need replacing to give a good quality signal.

Can I utilise my existing aerial mast?

In most cases yes. If a good quality signal can be received at the existing aerial location then the existing mast can be used.

I have noticed some aerial masts have stability supports. Mine does not. Do I need these?

By supporting your aerial mast with support stays, this minimises the movement of the mast. If there is a reasonable amount of movement this can cause damage to your home and aerial. The movement can also compromise the digital signal in to your TV.

The FM signal in to my stereo is weak, can this be improved?

Yes it can. In most cases an FM aerial can be fitted to your existing aerial mast and connected to the same cable as your UHF aerial. If not, a new mast and cable can be installed, alternatively in some cases your old soon to be redundant VHF aerial can be used to receive FM.

Does my satellite dish or aerial need to be mounted on the side of my house?

In most cases it does not. Electrical Solutions prefer to install aerials and satellite dishes where they are discrete, have protection from the wind and will deliver the best signal to your TV. This is quite often on the roof rather than on the side of the house.

Safety First!

Safety First!

Electrical repair work should be undertaken by professionals only! Do not put the safety of others at risk. In case of an electrical emergency, call Damian on 021 713 001 for prompt action and service.

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